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Huaiji Junming Gardening Supply Ltd is located in Huaiji County, Guangdong Province. It is 160 km away from city of Guangzhou.

Huaiji County, total area 3,573 km2, is the best place to grow the king of bamboo stake named Tsinglee Canes or Tonkin Canes. The Moso / Mao Chu is another type of bamboo that can produce round and thick flower sticks and the big bamboo poles.

The bamboo stakes are mainly used for horticulture and plantation support in most vineyards. It can be used in a variety of ways in the gardens, greenhouses and nursery fields. There are different sizes of bamboo stakes available for many particular requirements. The length of bamboo stake is from 25cm to 600cm or above and various diameters. The length of flower sticks is from 20cm to 90cm, thickness is from 3/3.5mm to 7/7.5mm.

The wire gardening items include wire bracket, topiary and wire hanging basket, which is filled with layers of coco nest or moss. All of them are widely used in indoor/outdoor gardening and interior decoration.

The wire tree basket is mainly used for the transplantation of young plants. It can be produced from sizes between 25cm to 140cm.

Address: Meishi Burg, Huaicheng Town, Huaiji County, Guangdong, China
Postal code: 526400
Tel: (758) 555 6938
Fax: (758) 555 6508
E-mail: info@huaijijunming.com
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